Tell me, I'll forget.
Show me, I'll remember.
Involve me, I'll understand.
Entertain me, I'll buy the limited edition box-set...

OK, that fourth line's mine but gotta move with the times, right?! The content I create aims not just engage, but delight its audience. Positive, inclusive experiences that reward & welcome the participant rather than beat them with the brand stick.

I am...

  1. a Creative Director
  2. a Game Designer
  3. detail obsessive
  4. an IP developer and owner
  5. on mobile like a rash :D
  6. technically fluent and use technologies where appropriate, not where they're fashionable
  7. experienced, but still wide-eyed with the possibilities of our "digital" world
  8. fast. Well, let's not beat about the bush ;)
  9. always strategically led as to what will work, for who
  10. a big kid...

I've had...

  1. Awards from BIMA, Cannes Lions, IMA, Eurobest, EPICA, IPA Effectiveness, Davey and D&AD.
  2. Numerous FWA awards
  3. 2 BAFTA Award nominations
  4. 2 Webby nominations and one win!
  5. Multiple projects featured in magazines and print: .net, Creative Review, 3D world magazine, Computer Arts, Taschen Web Design Studios 2 and Web Design: Music Sites

Compulsory greyscale client logos

Some clients yesterday